Monday, May 20, 2019
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Corsair 760R

Multihulls magazine Corsair 760R best trailerable fast trimaran

The new Corsair 760R is Corsair’s ultimate regatta boat! Fast, fun and affordable, this 24′ sports boat is the perfect day-boat for families, friends and racers alike. Keeping true to the 760 range, the new R version offers an identical underwater profile and sail plan, however features a huge full-length cockpit at the loss of internal volume and comforts. Unlike the other 760 variants, the R does not offer the versatility of sleeping accommodations and comfortable interior, but is instead focused record-breaking speed and a large open deck layout. Not only is the 760R a competitive racer in the popular Corsair 750 fleets, but will also punch above its weight in mixed fleets with multihulls over twice its size. It’s not all about winning races and breaking records though, at its core, this trailerable sports boat is easy to sail, safe and loads of fun!

Features of the Corsair 760R:
• Rotating aluminum (or optional carbon) wing mast with synthetic shrouds, stays and traps.
• Cruising mainsail, foresails and boom cover.
• Two self-tailing winches (size 20), Stainless steel forestry, furling boom.
• Spinnaker hardware includes a retractable aluminum bowsprit (optional carbon) with synthetic bob-stay, two cockpit winches (size 20), and high-performance blocks.
• 5:1 Cunningham & 8:1 mainsheet; 6:1 large sheet block; 2:1 traveler.
• Retractable dagger board & rudder blade.
• Electrical equipment with control BEP panel, LED navigation lights and anchor light, LED interior lighting, 12V socket and battery switch . . .

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