Chef’s Creations: Fromage, Queso, Formaggio, CHEESE!

Chef Michael Prete

It is said that the method to making cheese was a gift to mortals from the Gods. In recorded history we know cheese made from cow and goat milk dates back to 6000 BC, with Egyptian murals depicting cheese and butter making in 2000 BC. I am personally glad because it has given mankind all that time to perfect this craft that we adore today.

Cheese is key in hors d’oeuvres starting off your party, by itself as a course in dining, an ingredient in any course of your meal, and in many desserts. Cheese may be that one food item that is more diverse than any other food on earth. Not only in its ability to be part of any meal, any course, but in its range in flavors and textures. Cheese varieties are literally in the thousands, so I picked a few I have had and adored and shared some ways to prepare other delectable cheeses.

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