Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Chartering with Kids

Chartering with Kids Multihulls Magaizine

Luxury yacht charters are perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways to the most stunning destinations in the world. But yacht charters are also wonderful family-friendly vacations.

In fact, for kids, yacht charters are the ultimate adventure. Kids get to live out their Jack Sparrow fantasies, snorkel, and take in the many kid-friendly stops along the way. In other words, a charter makes memories families will remember for a lifetime.

Planning a yacht charter with the kids?

There are numerous considerations families can make, from choosing a family-friendly destination, to childcare during the vacation. If you’re planning on bringing a charter with kids, here are a few top tips for a great experience for everyone:
1. Plan a Kid-Friendly Itinerary
As you get started planning, think about your itinerary. Younger kids like shoreside adventures, e.g. nature hikes, snorkeling, shelling and fun wildlife parks.

Teens, on the other hand, might prefer daytrips like touring historic locales, vista hikes, and kayaking, surfing or scuba diving.

Looking for some help planning your itinerary? Ask your yacht broker. Brokers have their pulse on the latest onboard and shoreside adventures in every destination in the world. They can help you design an itinerary that’s adventure-packed, but also leaves plenty of room for family time.
2. It’s All About the Destination
Kids can have fun in just about any destination in the world. Yet, there are certainly . . .

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