Charter Journals: Big-city Escapes

By Anthony Balzano

A landlubber originally from The Big Apple shares his experience chartering in the BVI with friends, personal and professional.

Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, N.Y., the closest I came to sailboats was when my friends and I would sneak into the local marina to catch Blue Claw crabs. With my parents’ commitment to my education, I managed to make my way through engineering school and open the doors to recreational activities beyond fishing and stickball.

Scuba diving was actually the first post-Brooklyn recreation that gained my affection. After a number of dives, the dive master-led expeditions felt more like an underwater city bus tour. However, the idea of being at the helm of a sailboat and making way to untamed islands, exploring the seas above and below the waterline with scuba tanks strapped to the stanchions and a range of wild adventures waiting along the way — this, I decided, would complete me.

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