Monday, July 15, 2019
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CMA Boat Show Dinner

by Terry Boram, Rear Commodore – CMA As tradition would have it, the Chesapeake Multihull Association (CMA) began their fall/winter meeting schedule with a dinner on the Sunday evening of the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis. Members gathered to share stories from the summer or their latest find from the show. This year the club wanted to revamp this annual tradition and turn it into more of a reception for any multihuller or multihull vendor attending the show. To read the full article you must purchase this issue, or log...

Man Gets 18 Months for Hoax Distress Call to Coast Guard

by Anthony Turner – U.S.C.G Aux, Public Affairs Most people in America are familiar with 911 and know that a call to 911 is how to summons help in an emergency. Most people also know that making a false 911 call is illegal. Penalties for making a false 911 call have been increased, for example early this year the State of Illinois passed a law that goes into effect on January 1, 2011 imposing greater penalties on individuals found guilty of making a false 911 call. To read the full...

Performance Cruising Announces Partnership with Hunter Marine

After 30 years and over 1,100 deliveries of the Gemini catamaran, there are major changes coming to the Gemini catamaran and Performance Cruising Inc. These changes are designed to expand the market for the successful Gemini design as well as to provide improved support options for existing owners. Laura Smith Hershfeld, Performance Cruising President and the daughter of the Gemini designer Tony Smith, announced the changes along with John Peterson of Hunter Marine at the United States Sailboat Show on October 14, 2010. “Performance Cruising will continue to design, market...

Special-Guest Editorial: Multihull Trends

by Gino Morrelli When talking about multihull trends, I guess it depends on which category we’re focusing on. For production multihulls, we’ve been working with Robertson & Caine in Cape Town for five or six years now, and developed four or five boats with them. The trend in those lines is towards trying to edge up performance, slowly but surely, with bigger fat head mainsails, and things we can put reachers on like spinnaker poles, bowsprits and struts. To read the full article you must purchase this issue, or log...
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Well-Used Sails Get New Life

By General Contact Sails turn two-dimensional fabric into three-dimensional wings that pull you into the wind. The shape of the curve of the sail and its angle to the wind blowing across it is the key to this mystical feat. Sail designers constantly work to improve theoretical sail shapes based on real-world input from sailors and sail consultants, moving closer and closer to an ideal form. However, as sails age through use, their shape changes. As the sail fabric stretches, actual sail shape departs from designed sail shape, sooner with...

Lessons of Anna

By Chris White A catamaran designer makes a sobering assessment of a capsizing involving one of his own. On July 31, 2010, S/V Anna, an Atlantic 57 catamaran, capsized in a violent squall packing winds in excess of 60 knots approximately 125nm from Tonga in the South Pacific. Thankfully, the skipper and crewmate were soon picked up by a passing freighter and suffered only minor cuts and bruises. Also fortunate was the fact that the boat’s EPIRB was located by the crew, switched on and a signal was immediately picked...
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