Sunday, September 22, 2019
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CAT 12

Sun Concept Cat 12 Multihulls Magazine

Sun Concept is a boat-building shipyard, fully dedicated to developing and building solar powered vessels. We have started 4+ years ago, aiming to develop sustainable vessels. Our first model, a 7-meter boat for 12 people, was a success, and we have so far build and sold 18 units, mostly to tourism operators, and the proof of concept is accomplished.

The needs of the market for a bigger, faster and offshore boat were clear. Two and a half years ago we started to develop our new model, CAT 12. The boat is now in the water, with wonderful performances. With several versions available, it reaches tour operators, charters, professionals and private users. It is the next step towards a more sustainable nautical future.

There is no better place to enjoy a walk in the wild than on board of a CAT 12. Spacious, versatile and extremely comfortable, the CAT 12 is ideal for unforgettable trips. And without harming the environment!

CAT 12 is a solar powered catamaran, with capacity for 25 to 45 passengers, with modern lines and sophisticated and great aerodynamics. At 12 meters long and 27.5m2 of deck area, CAT 12 is ideal for sightseeing, for parties and events or just to enjoy a great gathering of friends. Just imagine a sunset aboard the CAT 12…

CAT 12 uses, as its source of energy, the sunlight that is stored in the photovoltaic panels on the boat. With the CAT 12, you can sail at zero cost . . .

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