Brokerage Tips: How to Sell Your Boat

presented by Caroline Laviolette

Are you considering selling your yacht? Whether it is your first or maybe your third time, here are some tips from the experts to ensure a quick and smooth experience.

It is important to keep in mind the principal objective is to SELL your boat and not to let emotions get in the way. Always remember that the longer it takes to sell your boat, the more carrying costs you will have to incur so you need to factor this into your decisionmaking when your are presented with an offer. It might not be the price you originally intended but there can be a significant cost of waiting until you would, if ever, get that magic figure.

Do you remember when you were looking to buy a boat? What affected your decision? What made you choose this boat over the others you looked at? Put yourself in the Buyer’s shoes! First impressions are very important and they can make or break the sale of your boat. As in Real E state, some buyers will have similar tastes as yours, but others may not. Do not forget that VALUE is what will sell your boat and it was probably what made you buy that boat it in the first place.

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