Sunday, September 22, 2019
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British Virgin Islands Sample Sailing Itinerary Post Irma

Post Irma Sailing

7 Night Sample Sailing Itinerary in BVI Post Irma.  Updated February 2018.
The British Virgin Islands are a collection of 60 unspoiled islands that make a great 7 day sailing vacation. Catamaran charter guests can visit a different island every day. Explore the natural beauty and first class sailing and charter a catamaran with The Catamaran Company.

For those considering a trip, here is some inspiration to help you get it booked now! There are a great number of ways to spend 7 nights in the BVI and the good news is they are all fabulous. Here is one example when aboard a catamaran charter in British Virgin Islands.
Night 1 - Evening Start at the Dock
Nothing beats the anticipation of arriving to the base, finding your catamaran charter you booked and getting settled into your new home for the next week. Get everything stowed, enjoy some cocktails and settle into the speed of the islands.

Night 2 - Norman Island, The Bight
It seems that the Bight is likely the first night for about 90% of BVI cruisers and it is a rock solid way to start your week at sea. It's an easy sail from Tortola and stopping to snorkel at either The Indians or the Norman Island caves is an awesome first day activity. Grab a mooring ball and enjoy paddle boarding in the protected calm of The Bight, having sundowners and watching the sunset. When the sun goes down, head to Pirate's Bight restaurant . . .

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