Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Bring The Old To The New


Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber also known as polychloropene. Unlike plastics, neoprene doesn’t have a specific recycling stream, so when you dump a used wetsuit, especially an older one, the fabric can’t be re-used like plastic bags. This would mean waste-processing companies would burn the materials and the remaining material would be stored at a dumping ground. We as Magic Marine have decided that we want to give neoprene a second life. To do this we found a better destination for used wetsuits than a dumping ground and arranged a discount for everyone who helps reducing our footprint: Let's bring the old to the new!


When customers bring their old wetsuit to one of our Magic Marine dealers when buying new neoprene product(s) they receive 25% discount on the retail price of their new item. The only rule is, the customer needs to buy a similar product to apply for the discount. Bringing in an old Long John means buying a new Long John, bringing a Neo top means also buying a Neo top. The old gear doesn’t necessarily need to be from Magic Marine . . .

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