Sunday, September 22, 2019
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In the Galley

Beef & Banana Curry


The Boat Galley
By Carolyn Shearlock

With the arrival of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, I find myself thinking more of hearty meals whose aromas fill the boat. Here’s one you’ll love. It’s sweet and savory and totally delicious.

Meeting people and trying foods from all over is a fun part of cruising. Dave and I enjoy getting to know not just the “locals” wherever we are, but also the other cruisers. Over the years, we’ve learned to make a number of dishes from the people we’ve met.

Curry from Brits. Sushi from Californians. All sorts of seafood from people who lived along the coast of numerous countries. Spring rolls from a Chinese-American. Mole and tacos from Mexicans. Pupusas from Salvadorans. Bobotie from South Africans.

It usually starts with a casual conversation at happy hour. “You mean you’ve never had _____? Come on over tomorrow and I’ll show you how to make it.”

Fun is had, a great meal prepared and recipes are swapped. Another great day of being a cruiser.

That was how we first had Beef & Banana Curry. We loved the spicy-sweet flavor. And every time I make it, we think about about our friends who introduced us to curry.

On a cool day, Beef & Banana Curry will warm up the cabin as it cooks and you as well when it’s meal time. It freezes beautifully as a . . .

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