Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Around the Point – A Sunshine State of Mind Delivery


If you have spent years delivering power and sail cats on their own bottom from Cape Town to the Caribbean and Florida, then perhaps delivering a Leopard Powercat from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa might sound more like a vacation to you and less like work. Even more so when your stopovers involve island hopping from one place to the next and your only real worry (assuming your ship runs as well as this yacht did for this particular delivery) is arriving to each fuel dock before it closes for the day.

Captain Calvyn, the fearless leader for the delivery, has been delivering Leopard Catamarans on their own bottom and instructing owners on how to use their new toys for over a decade. In this article, Captain Calvyn will provide details on how to imitate this trip. When necessary, the tips provided will be geared towards making the passage for leisure and not work. Or maybe he will just blur the lines all together. This is his Sunshine State Delivery report:
Preparing Your Yacht
I would trust that anyone who is embarking on this journey, or any journey of a reasonable distance on a boat for that matter, would take the time to do engine checks and ensure that all of the US Coast Guard safety gear has been installed.

Basic engine checks on brand new Yanmar engines are very straight forward. You want to inspect the levels of the gear box oil, engine oil and coolant. Both the gearbox and . . .

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