Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Amasea Yachts A new concept in catamaran design and construction


- Tri-deck 25-metre catamaran design

- All-aluminum construction

- High quality materials

- Limited production

- For long-range cruising and exploration

- Extensive interior customization


Amasea Yachts is a new yacht brand that introduces a new approach to traditional catamaran design by building in aluminum instead of fiberglass, and having three decks instead the conventional two. Designed to cross the Atlantic without refueling for long-range cruising and exploration, with sufficient dry and cold storage to remain at sea for up to 6 weeks without re-provisioning, the first 25-meter model has exterior design and naval architecture by Dr. Albert Nazarov, a specialist in high-speed catamarans.


Production will be limited, offer a high level of customization – clients are free to choose their own interior designer – and use top quality materials for the construction and outfitting.


I decided to go back to the drawing board when I was in the market for a 20-25m catamaran to cruise the world, but couldn’t find what I was looking for,” says Amasea Yachts founder Jack Wijnants. “They were all expensive, limited in how much the interiors could be personalized, and generally finished using low-quality materials. Moreover, there was very little privacy for guests, as the crew have to use the same galley facilities. The whole story started with our own requirements that could not be met by composite builders. So I decided to develop my own catamaran, and on showing it to some yacht broker . . .

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