Monday, May 20, 2019
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A New Website that Connects Captains and Crew

Ocean Crew Link

A New Website that Connects Captains and Crew

OceanCrewLink.com is a unique way for ocean sailors and offshore captains to meet each other. The website is a database of crew and opportunities – think of it like an index card system.

They have tried to make it simple, but to include the key questions about experience and abilities, dates and locations that often get left out of online adverts.

Users have control – store your sailing resume online; opt-in and out of the service without needing to re-enter your data; advertise boating opportunities anywhere in the world.

Unlike other sites, Ocean Crew Link specializes in opportunities for ocean sailing crew, so if you are planning to cross the Atlantic or island-hop in the Pacific and need a sailing crew, register now and connect with sailors from around the world.


Ocean Crew Link is World Cruising Club’s preferred sailing crew match service and has a special focus on voyaging rallies like the ARC, Caribbean 1500 and World ARC.

Boat owners and charter companies use Ocean Crew Link to find crew for rallies and independent cruising. Each month there are around 150 opportunities to sail as crew available on the site.

A weekly e-mail will update you on sailing crew opportunities added in the last 7 days.

Ocean sailing is about people and personalities, so start a conversation and see where it takes you! Happy Sailing!


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