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Baikal Yachts Group has recently developed three catamarans – a private, charter, and cruise model. The development of these new models is a constructive response to the needs of modern fans of yachting and water-based recreation.

In autumn 2017 a day-cruise operator requested BYG to present a concept of a one-day cruise ship that is more comfortable than those running at the present time.
Apart from comfort, tourists pay attention to the design of the ship…they would rather travel in an eye-catching vessel with a sleek yacht design rather than the design of a work vessel.
Thus the idea was born to create a catamaran with transformable hull dependant on the objectives of the customer.

The developed project enables shipyard to construct an open cruiser catamaran for day trips, a charter design alternate or a vessel for private use by a single owner.
Certainly, the trim and outfitting level of all three versions will be considerably different, but the exterior components of the catamaran in the cruise and charter versions will resemble a super comfortable private catamaran.

And another detail will be embedded into all three versions – they will be equipped with the modern hybrid propulsive systems. In all three models, you can use a large area of the roof over the flybridge to install solar panels that will feed diesel-electric plants of different capacity. Combined with the “fast displacement” type hull, this will give a considerable fuel saving with higher speeds for a vessel of this type. The day-cruise catamarans will be equipped with engines from 500 hp and the charter catamarans – about 900 hp. For private catamarans, installation of two systems providing in aggregate up to 2000 hp for each engine is possible. For cruises it is recommended to use steel hulls and for high-speed versions, a new magnesium-aluminum alloy with addition of scandium. This alloy is as strong as the steel hulls, but at the same time it is lighter than aluminum alloy.

Day Cruiser
For day-cruise catamarans, there is accommodation of 250 to 350 passengers on 3 decks with comfortable personal chairs (not benches that are set on many vessels of this type).
Big portholes placed below the waterline will give the opportunity to enjoy the views of the underwater world during coastal excursions. Inflatable slides, jumps and propeller guard descending to the water will make short stops bright and emotional, leaving unforgettable positive impressions from experience by the tourists. Steel catamarans are planned to be constructed for day cruises and aluminum ones for high-speed lines along the coast.

Charter Version
The version for charters provides six large VIP cabins. Two are located on each deck, so the guests will have the opportunity to relax intimately, not interfering with each other. Optionally a charter company may order more cabins without loss of comfort for the guests.  The main deck is divided into several rest areas and the guests may choose entertainments to their taste. In the fore body, there is a small saloon with coffee area through which you can enter the bow of catamaran fitted with sofas and spa tub. A large saloon is located at the stern part and divided into two zones: a dining room and a rest area with comfortable sofas and a big TV, where the guests together may watch movies and discuss the world news. The caboose and media library are situated on the portside and starboard side. On two sides there are two guest cabins. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the number of the guest cabins may be increased up to 10.

Private Version
This is the most luxurious version. The owner’s cabin is located on the second deck and is stretched from board to board. The total area of the master cabin is about 70 m2, which includes a bedroom, a private office, toilets, and cloakrooms. The view from the owner’s cabin is 180 degrees and it creates an amazing feeling of infinite space.

The owner has his own large saloon, equipped with all things required for relaxing and entertainment. Large sofas, a few tables, bar counter with private bar. On the sun deck there are also sofas and lounges where the owner may enjoy sunbathing alone or with his friends and family. The guest cabins are located on the main deck and in the hulls. ‘Considering a new “wind direction” and the trend towards catamarans, our company has decided to propose to the yachting world a concept enabling a shipyard to make quick adjustments depending on the market needs without introduction of significant changes in basic hulls,’ Sergey Gmyra, the owner of Baikal Yachts Group, highlights. ‘Irrespective of the country and objectives where and for which our catamarans will be constructed, we are ready to provide any shipyard with the solutions that are able to meet the demands of customers of different categories.

Private owners wishes more and more individuality. Travelers in charters want more qualitative service. And holiday-makers taking a one-day cruise want to get comfort and entertainment. Individuality. Quality. Comfort. These are the dominants underlying our projects’.

Company Background
Baikal Yachts Group is an international consortium of the yachting industry professionals in the field of design, engineering and construction of yachts, mega­yachts, catamarans, houseboats.  The specialists from Russia, Italy, Taiwan, New Zealand, Germany, with experience in the yachting industry more than 10 years, participate in the project works.

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