2022 RORC Transatlantic Race – Magical Maserati Takes the Multihull Match Race

Giovanni Soldini’s Multi70 Maserati. Photo by Arthur Daniel/RORC

For seven days and nights, the three-way battle for Multihull Line Honors was nothing short of astonishing. At the start, Peter Cunningham’s MOD70 PowerPlay (CAY) blasted to the front, with Giovanni Soldini’s Multi70 Maserati (ITA) and Jason Carroll’s MOD70 Argo (USA) in hot pursuit. Both Maserati and Argo sustained rudder damage early in the race but kept up the pressure on PowerPlay. All three teams headed north looking to hook into a low-pressure system. During the race, the trio recorded boat speeds in excess of 30 knots, often crossing within a mile of each other. With 24-hour runs of over 600nm, the battle was fast and furious.

Emotion Crew
Antoine Rabaste’s Maxi Multihull Ultim’emotion 2 (FRA) screamed into Grenada at a speed of over 26 knots just before sunset on Sunday, January 16th. Photo by Arthur Daniel/RORC

On day 5, the pace began to slow in lighter winds. All three teams had held the lead across the Atlantic, but PowerPlay had been the dominant team. The final twist in the last 150nm of the race decided the battle. The lighter conditions suited Maserati’s fully-foiling set up, despite being over 100 miles behind at one stage, Maserati came back and made a winning call. Choosing to go north of Barbados on the final approach, Maserati stayed in good pressure and got a positive wind shift to head southwest towards the finish. Maserati took Multihull Line Honors just before dawn on Saturday 15 January and celebrated in style. After eight days of extraordinary racing, Maserati was also the winner after MOCRA time correction.

“That was really fantastic,” commented Soldini. “To do a transatlantic race like that with three boats 20 miles from each other is just amazing. We had a big problem the first night as straight away we broke the port rudder (hitting a UFO). However, in the second part of the race, luckily the angle was such that the starboard rudder was in the water.”



2022 RORC Transatlantic Race – MOCRA Multihull Provisional Results


Racing Results

The ninth edition of the RORC Transatlantic Race will start from Lanzarote on Saturday 7th January 2023. For more information about the bucket-list race and the Royal Ocean Racing Club go to: http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/ and http://www.rorc.org/

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