Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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10 Reasons to Book and Sail Reposado II a 2019 Lagoon 450 Flybridge Owners’ Version


Space, space, and more space – everyone can be comfortable throughout the cruise!

  1. The main stateroom spans the entire starboard hull, providing a large private and very comfortable apartment-style living experience and can be closed off from the rest of the yacht when you want privacy.


  1. The master cabin's en-suite oversized bathroom shower, sink countertop, and vanity are fitted at the front of the hull. As a result, this configuration provides a considerably wider runway in the dressing room and office area located between the master bedroom and bath.


  1. The desk in the stateroom serves well as an office and is the perfect space to work. It has USB ports, electrical outlets, an onboard router, and is WiFi ready. Although the space is not sound proof, the acoustics are quite good for video and Voice Over IP conference calls.


  1. The large stateroom was designed to optimize storage for live-aboards and offshore sailing excursions. This is a benefit for charters because the space provides ample storage for your vacation gear. Storage galore! The three-cabin vessel has enough for storing provisions, clothing, water toys for a two-week+ charter. This enables you to be self-sufficient if you like to avoid busy marinas.


  1. On the port hull there are the two berths, each having their own bathroom suite . . .

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