Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Moscow Mule Multihulls Magazine
FoodIn the Spirit

Easy Cocktails that Impress

Little known fact about me – for 6 years I worked in cocktail bars (very, very busy cocktail bars). The downside of this is that I am unapologetically snobby about my cocktails. I don’t like my mojitos too sweet, God help you if you go anywhere near my margarita with sour mix, I want my drinks garnished correctly, I demand quality spirits with clean, fresh ingredients and I mix a mean iced tea (actually about 20 variations thereof). The upside is that I can teach you a few things about mixed drinks. Now, unlike most cocktail guides, I don’t expect...
Salty Dog Multihullls Magazine
FoodIn the Spirit

3 Simple Cocktail Recipes with BVI Gin

You guys know that I am excited for all of the re-openings coming soon right across the territory – some after the hurricane for the first time and some after closure for the summer season. We have much to look forward to in the Territory in the next couple of months. But as well as new venues and resorts coming up – we also have a new product! When most people think of Caribbean products and exports – the obvious answer is rum. But the BVI has been shaking things up recently and BVI Gin has been hitting shelves across the...
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