Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Vesper Marine Cortex

Vesper Marine recently announced a revolution in marine VHF with the release of Cortex. Completely redefining the VHF experience, Cortex is the world’s first radio with wireless touchscreen handsets, built-in...


No Booze Balls Multihulls Magazine
In the Galley

No-Bake Booze Balls

“Booze Balls” were traditional holiday treats in my family, and I love them (we’d make “No-Booze Balls” with orange juice for the kids). When we began living aboard, I decided they were great as they didn’t need to be baked . . . then I discovered an easier way to make them by pressing the mixture into a pan and cutting instead of rolling each one separately. Perfect for days when you want a treat, but don’t feel like devoting the whole day to baking! No-Bake Booze Balls Traditional holiday recipe that’s great anytime in hot climates where you don’t...
Pumpkin Squares Multihulls Magazine
In the Galley

Pumpkin Squares

I’ve always liked pumpkin pie, but it just seemed like too much of a hassle on the boat – having to make a crust and roll it out on the tiny counter, then refrigerating the pie in the tropical heat (how in the world would I keep it even semi-level?). Instead, I made pumpkin squares. For holidays, it’s still the traditional pumpkin flavor but just five minutes to mix up and then no worries about not refrigerating them. I’ll admit it – while I enjoy cooking, I also enjoy lots of other things about cruising and don’t want to spend...
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