Tools of the Trade

Beyond skills, intuition, handed-down recipes and good old-fashioned knowhow are the tools needed to execute. Technology has allowed there to be greater precision in cooking and at the forefront with both home and professional cooking equipment [...]

Andersen E1 Electric Self-Tailing Winches

Andersen has extended their offering of electric winches to include a new line of self-tailing winches designed for almost any size boat. Perfect for the family, sailing couple or singlehand sailor, the new E1 Electric Winches [...]

Sneak Peek at the Scape 40 Adventurer

Boatbuilder’s can be a secretive lot and it’s always interesting when, as a journalist, you get that call: “We’re building something new.” Of course, with my interest piqued, it was time to visit Kevin and his [...]


Solstice is a conceptual catamaran designed by yacht and superyacht designer Andrew Trujillo. The British-based designer conceived the yacht as a result of conversations with a naval architect friend of his who was currently testing a [...]

Gemini Catamarans Partners with Catalina Yachts

I would imagine many MULTIHULLS readers at one time or another have thought about the possibility of building a boat. I would further imagine that those who have, whether it be for a “rain gutter regatta” [...]

Boat Building in China: Part 2

Wow, careful planning and good design are paying dividends already. Since the previous article, we have completed our molds and begun construction. What a grand way to see the fruits of our labor. Read the full [...]

Talk with Expert Gino Morrelli – Mainsheet Systems

When we are designing any new multihull, we always have to decide which type of mainsheet system is best for that particular boat, owner or operator. The two basic options for fractionally rigged sloops are “traveler [...]

What’s Up St. Augustine?!

It is always with great anticipation to see summer transition to autumn here in St. Augustine and the waterways begin to fill with transiting yachtsmen heading south to the winter playgrounds of South Florida, the Bahamas [...]

Boat Building in China: Part 1

Building a boat is ordinarily a major undertaking, so building a large high-performance sailing catamaran can be seen as a huge undertaking—now do it in a land here yacht construction is not a common practise and [...]

Talk with Expert Gino Morrelli — Transom Clearance or Immersion

I was recently at the boat show in Cannes, France walking along the rows of production catamarans when the friend I was with noticed me stopping to peer over the dock inspecting the transoms of each [...]