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Chef’s Creations: Porchetta

Pork to Port Chef Michael Prete If I was to have one last meal in life, something that exemplifies flavor, taste, texture, salt, sweet, crispy, tender, juicy, and has it all, it would have to be [...]

Chef Creations: Gnocchi

An Excellent Alternative to Pasta Chef Michael Prete The word gnocchi (pronounced nee-okkee) derives from the Italian ‘nocchio’ meaning, lumps, or a knot in wood, or from ‘nocca’ meaning knuckle. It has been a traditional Italian [...]

Chef’s Creations: Marinades

noun Pronunciation: /ˌmarɪˈneɪd, ˈmarɪneɪd/ A mixture of oil, wine, spices, or similar ingredients, in which meat, fish, or other food is soaked before cooking in order to flavor or soften it. Chef Michael Prete Although Oxfords [...]

Chef’s Creations: Watermelon

Juicy, sweet, thirst quenching and full of nostalgia in almost any part of the world – Watermelon is all of that and then some! Chef Michael Prete Watermelon is rich in vitamin B1, B6, C and [...]

Chef’s Creations: Alternative Cooking Methods

Chef Michael Prete Broiling, grilling, braising and frying can be messy and require more than minor clean up, which is the last thing you want to deal with when entertaining or just trying to relax. I [...]

Chef’s Creations: Fromage, Queso, Formaggio, CHEESE!

Chef Michael Prete It is said that the method to making cheese was a gift to mortals from the Gods. In recorded history we know cheese made from cow and goat milk dates back to 6000 [...]

Chef’s Creations: Falling for Squash

by Chef Michael Prete Here in New England we are rapidly descending into Autumn. Trees and landscapes transform into an array of oranges, sienna, and terra-cottas. A prominent and plentiful crop adorning just about every farm [...]

Chef’s Creations: Legumes and Lager

by Chef Michael Prete I feel the chickpea is one very overlooked food item. People who know them love them, but the majority of consumers haven’t given it a chance. Chickpeas are one of the earliest [...]

Chef’s Creations: Summer Sandwiches

“Every bit of criticism between two layers of praise.” by Chef Michael Prete Gourmet chef James Beard once said, “Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” I agree whole-heartedly. That is why I decided to [...]

Chef’s Creations: …by the Beautiful Sea

by Chef Michael Prete To me, one of life’s great pleasures is eating really fresh shellfish. Leon-Paul F argue said it like no other in one haiku of a sentence, “…it is like kissing the sea [...]