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Uncorked! Soave: A Medieval Town…

Soave is a medieval town blending anvient vines with modern technology Purchase new issue of Mulithulls Mag   [...]

Tools of the Trade

Beyond skills, intuition, handed-down recipes and good old-fashioned knowhow are the tools needed to execute. Technology has allowed there to be greater precision in cooking and at the forefront with both home and professional cooking equipment [...]

In the Galley — Some Fresh Ideas for a Holiday Feast

The holidays have always been a memorable part of my life and coming from a large family, I have endless memories of Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas Eve parties and Christmas mornings around the tree nibbling on the [...]

Well Suited Style — From Gilligan to Ginger

Rumor has it Queen Victoria of England began the nautical fashion trend when she commissioned a tiny navy and white suit for her son Albert in 1846. Within four years, fishermen and sailors took on to [...]

Uncorked — Rose Roots

For those of you who read my columns regularly, you know I feel very fortunate to have grandparents that were not born here. In my somewhat homogeneous wholesome Midwest farming community upbringing, I liked being “different.” [...]

In the Galley — Got Fish?

There are many ways to make your fish pop no matter if you grill, broil, sauté, bake or poach it. One thing I must say, as I have in past articles, is that the fish is [...]

Uncorked – Oregon Wine Country

I read somewhere that “Oregon Wine Country is serene… and serious!” While I agree with that, I think they left out some pretty important “s”s… simple – in a good way, strong, sensible, stewardship, sustainable, “sense [...]

Well Suited Style – Safety Above and Below the Waves

The folks from “down under” sure seem to know a thing or two about protection. Although clothing has been used for protection against the sun for thousands of years, it was the Australians who popularized it [...]

Chef’s Creations: Ode to the Meatball

Everyone has had them at some point and it maybe one of the most overlooked and under appreciated foods there is… by Chef Michael Prete Personally, I really enjoy a good meatball and think they are [...]

Chef’s Creations: Chowdah’

A Seafood Delight in Every Bite By Chef Michael Prete The definition of chowder according to Columbia Dictionary is chowder, stew of fish or shellfish with potatoes, onions, and pork (usually salt pork), thickened with crumbled [...]