Magic City

Spring is in sight and so is the most highly anticipated boat show of the year – The Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail, which spans three locations – the Miami Beach Convention Center, Sea [...]

Editorial: Another Year Gone Bye!

Well, another year is in the history books, and I must say it has been quite an eye-opener for me personally. I have worked at this magazine for over 16 years, but was always stuck behind [...]

Editorial: Cruising to the Boat Show

by Eric D. Erwin Here we are once again smack dab in the middle of the fall boat show season. With Cannes now behind us and Ft. Lauderdale on the horizon, I am planning my trip [...]

Now is a Good Time to Get Excited About Multihulls, with Extreme Racing and the Boat Show Season Upon Us

Special-Guest Editorial by Robin Hodges August has already provided multihull enthusiasts with some amazing sailing events, with a new style of racing on display. We have witnessed ‘reaching starts’ and speed trials in the form of [...]

Are we a dying breed? Take a friend sailing!

Special-Guest Editorial by Mike Stevens It does not seem that long ago, although it is probably 25 years already that us multihull guys were seen as the freaks with these new and fanciful “flying” machines, many [...]

Is there anything out there that excites you anymore?

Special-Guest Editorial By Michael Harris Have you seen anything in the Multihull world recently that will help to take multihulls to the next level? Tony Smith, the man single-handedly responsible for putting 1,000 cruising cats into [...]

Editorial: Goodbye 2010… or was it ‘good riddance?’

by Brent Hermann One of the top catamaran brokers in America offers his analysis of the year passed and gazes to the horizon for a clue to the way forward for buyers and sellers. Another year [...]

Special-Guest Editorial: Multihull Trends

by Gino Morrelli When talking about multihull trends, I guess it depends on which category we’re focusing on. For production multihulls, we’ve been working with Robertson & Caine in Cape Town for five or six years [...]

Special-Guest Editorial: Present, Future and Culture…

by Lex Raas Mutihull  culture and beyond! In May of this year I completed my 8th Ka’iwi Channel crossing (Molokai to Oahu) on a six-man outrigger canoe. We experienced 35 knots of wind and 20-foot faces [...]

Are We There Yet?

The Sailing Company, the parent of Cruising World and Sailing World amongst other publications, produces an excellent annual report on the State of the Sailing Industry and hosts a breakfast for its release at the Miami [...]