Editorial – La Route du Rhum

Wow, has it really been four years since the last Route du Rhum? It was back in 2010 when the new Ultime class was created for the giant multihulls. Now there are two multihull classes in [...]

Editorial – Foiled Again!

Who knew this is where we’d be today? With the advent of hydrofoils, boats have been reaching new heights and faster speeds. No longer having to fight the waves and being dragged down by wetted surface, [...]

Editorial – Fair Winds Hobie Alter

It’s with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to the man who helped shape the modern surf culture and revolutionized the sailing industry with the world’s best selling and easy-to-sail catamarans. Hobart “Hobie” Alter, who [...]

Editorial: Spring has Sprung

by Eric D. Erwin Now that the weather is getting nicer and we start to shake off our winter cobwebs and cabin fever blues, many of us are dusting off the barbecue and thinking about going [...]

Farewell Ava-Marie

by Eric D. Erwin The long-time editor of MULTIHULLS Magazine has passed away Growing up, I simply knew her as Mrs. B. She worked with my grandfather Charles Chiodi at MULTIHULLS, but I didn’t know much [...]

Editorial: Multihulls Forge Ahead

by Eric D. Erwin As the boat show season winds down and the winter months are quickly approaching, snowbirds head south and boaters set sail towards the islands. I have a special place in my soul [...]

Editorial: How Soon We Forget

My fiancée and I were recently guests at a party celebrating the 80th birthday of Charles Chiodi. Yes, the Charles Chiodi, pioneer and founder of this magazine, over 37 years ago. Simply being around him made [...]

Editorial: With Age Comes Wisdom…

The saying reigns true for the most part, but I must ask if the “smarts” come from experience or education? I recently enrolled myself in school, returning to the classroom after being out for over 20 [...]

Editorial: Summer is on the Horizon

by Amanda P. Marquis I have now been involved with Multihulls Magazine for about five years now. Whether it be through gathering information, writing articles or doing a mail run, I have enjoyed seeing the inner [...]

Tropical Island Paradise

While searching around the internet for the latest and greatest in multihulls, I stumbled across some new design concepts by Yacht Island Design Ltd. I found them pretty interesting and thought I would share them. We [...]