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Options. This is a sailor’s dreamboat with three cabins and two heads! She sails easily (single handed) in blue waters! She is well built, spacious and comfortable, yet strong and tough. Her exterior and interior are well thought out. The “Executive” package basically means “fully-loaded.” Outside and interior comforts are first-rate. The cockpit features cushions throughout, with large sunbathing cushions on either side of the cockpit. The two-person helm seat features a custom-designed footrest. Options is designed to be sailed by one person—no need to wake someone up to help you change sails. While some changes are faster with two people, one person can do everything. With a power winch and a regular winch at the helm and all sheets and traveler lines led to the helm, you can easily tack, make most adjustments and even raise the main without leaving the helm. She is also a fantastic downwind sailor: With its custom-built screacher mounted on a 5-foot bowsprit with a Harken furler led to the same winch used to furl the jib, it adds tremendous speed without sacrificing control and safety. The screacher can be safely used downwind with up to 25 knots of wind (16 knots apparent). Coupled with the jib, “Options” can sail wing-on-wing through a fairly broad range: from 165 to 195 degrees. This is because the sail apt to be backwinded is kept filled by its partner sail, up to 15 degrees off of dead downwind. Options has sailed wing-on-wing overnight without changing course! Asking $319,000.

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