Articles Racing — 25 April 2013

Report by Kristoffer Stewart with photos courtesy of Liz Vandenberg

There is nothing like the feeling you get by watching (25) 600+ hp race cars doing 200 mph only a few meters away from you…with the only thing separating you from them and the deafening roar of their engines is a chain-link fence.

If you didn’t get to catch “The World’s Fastest Spring Break Party” by boat this year, start drawing up your sail plan to attend next year’s Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

In the last issue of MULTIHULLS, I wrote about the Yacht Club VIP package that included use of a dock specially built for the race. Well, I was somewhat disappointed that were no large cruising cats here this year. Just large motor yachts and towering sport fishers, facing the racetrack stern-first, Monaco style. But there were a few sail catamarans tied up at the marina right behind them.

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