Articles Catamarans Cruising Life — 25 April 2013

by Peter Gulick

Have you ever dreamed of getting away, dropping everything to experience the trip of a lifetime? I am sure at one point in every person’s life there comes a time when one dreams of an adventure. History makes a strong case of there being a strong human instinct to explore. I don’t know what caused my wife and I to seek out an adventure, but somewhere in our subconscious the drive for a change had taken hold. About four years ago my wife Anna and I left our secure jobs and comfortable life in New England to embark on a journey that took us through the picturesque waters of North America’s inland rivers, inter-coastal waterways and Great Lakes. Our journey, commonly referred to as “The Great Loop,” has been accomplished by hundreds of boaters just like you and me. The seeds of our adventure first sprouted while browsing the boating section of my local library on a cold winter day. While scanning the usual titles of books labeled seamanship, boat handling and cruising destinations, my eye caught a title that caused me to stop and take notice.

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