Articles Charter — 31 December 2011

By Dave Calvert

In the last part of the cruise to Luperone and back to Cat Island, we had taken the two days to clear out of Luperone and prepare for the 200 mile sail to Matthew Town, Great Inagua.

The weather forecast, from Passage Weather, looked great, wind arrows showed east at 15 to 20 kts.

This would be a broad reach in the trade winds. On December 30th, the Dominican customs officer had to inspect the boat before we departed. This was done after a long wait starting at 7:30 AM. He was courteous looking over things, we offered him a cold coca cola. He inspected a compartment and spied several bottles of Dominican rum, “Rhum?” he said. “Yes, would you like some?” “Si!”, he replied. We poured some into his can of coke.

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