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1 September 2011: As the world leader in cruising catamarans, we want of course Lagoon Inside to express our convictions concerning various aspects of pleasure boating and offer technical advice from Lagoon specialists.

But we also want it to quickly include many productive exchanges
with pleasure boaters, whether they sail on Lagoons or on other types of yachts.

We also want lagoon-inside to be convivial, simple and transparent…in other words, we want it to reflect the Lagoon attitude we are so fond of. In offering our ideas about cruising to pleasure boaters via the internet, Lagoon hopes to receive those of many owners, skippers and crew who share a passion for sailing, so that this new blog becomes a powerful means for exchanging information and ideas between people who understand and respect each other.

Lagoon Inside is not only a new communication means between Lagoon and cruising catamaran aficionados : it is also for all types of cruising sailors, including those who still ask themselves questions about multihulls. This blog wants to become an important player in the nautical web world, with an original approach.

Contacts presse – Joël Jarrijon: / Cécile Wittmann:

162, quai de Brazza – CS 81217 – 33072 Bordeaux – France – Tél. + 33 (0) 557 80 92 80

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