Articles Safety — 30 August 2011

By Penny Bailey, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Public Affairs

A fire on a boat is frightening and, often, fatal. When fueling, chances of a fire are heightened. Gasoline fumes are highly flammable.

Here are some precautions to take before fueling:

• Close all of the windows and doors before refueling.
• Frequently check fuel lines and connections for leaks and worn spots.
• Be sure all electrical devices are turned off, as well as the engine.

When gasoline passes through the hose, it generates static electricity. If that ‘sparks’ with the fumes at the fuel tank fill point, an explosion can occur. To dissipate the static electricity, keep the metal nozzle of the hose in contact with the metal part of the refueling opening.

• Try not to spill any fuel during the process.


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