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Multihull Pioneer Jim Brown Releases Second Volume of His Memoirs

17 June 2011: Jim Brown, the pioneering multihull designer and sailor, has now released Volume Two of his memoirs entitled, “Among the Multihulls.”

Jim Brown first began writing his memoirs in the 1980s. And now, decades later, the second volume of “Among the Multihulls” has been published in order to round out the highlights of a life associated with these boats.

In keeping with the approach of Volume One, Brown discusses 20th-century multihull development by way of first-hand experiences and personal vignettes. “I like to say this is how multihulls happened to me,” Brown said. “This book is filled with boating stories that I hope individuals drawn to trimarans, catamarans and proas will enjoy.”

Volume Two picks up the story of the Brown family as they arrive in Virginia after a 3-year cruise through Central America and the Caribbean. After settling back in the United States and encountering reverse culture shock, Mr. Brown is called upon by the World Bank and others to see if multihulls can help raise the standard of living for economically disadvantaged indigenous peoples in Africa, the Philippines and the Pacific Islands.

Throughout the entire book, however, Mr. Brown shares memorable cruising stories personally experienced with family and friends over the years. These include sailing trips to Nova Scotia, Cuba and along the West Coast.

While personal adventures make up the larger part of this book, Mr. Brown also shares insights from a boat designer’s perspective that should be of interest to technically minded sailors. This includes information about mistakes made while trying to achieve specific goals when creating new models of both large and small multihulls.

Complete details for both Volume One and Volume Two of “Among the Multihulls” are available at

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