Articles Trimarans — 31 December 2010

By Ian Farrier

The F-22 has been in development for some time, and the first production hulls and complete boats are now not far away. The float molds are now complete, while the main hull mold is in process (being CNC machined), and only the deck and interior molds remain to be done.

The F-22 is intended to be an all-new low cost entry-level boat and one intended to take the production trailerable trimaran to new heights. For this to be possible, some radical improvements, both in how it is built, and particularly in the key beam and folding system areas, are going to be essential to enable true low cost mass production.

A completely new third generation beam and folding system has thus been developed, with internal folding strut mounts (no metal brackets or bolts) and with less intrusion into the main hull. The new beams are more user friendly, being higher off the water with overlapping flanges for better spray control, while hazardous areas such as open wells in the deck have been eliminated. Better still, they are lighter, and easier to build.

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