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How to stretch your holiday money when booking a charter catamaran

Tip # 1: Avoid disappointment
Consider this scenario: The charter season is approaching and you’ve decided to charter an unbelievably spacious, fullyequipped, luxurious catamaran. Yet it doesn’t take long before you begin to feel slightly overwhelmed with the number of options available to you, the choices of catamaran sailing vacation providers and the wide ranging inventory of yachts in their fleets. You’re after the best deal possible of course and you want to make an educated purchase. Sound familiar? We all want the best deal and expect to get it, but there’s nothing worse than finding out once your vacation has begun that the sailor riding the mooring next to you got the same boat for the same duration but paid less!

It’s kind of like flying on an airline to find out your neighbor in the seat next to you paid 60% less in airfare! When every vacation dollar needs to go further than ever before, this kind of discovery can be heartbreaking and more than just a little disappointing. To avoid this kind of disappointment and to save those precious vacation dollars, contact “Catamaran Sailing Vacations (CSV) to see the full array of catamarans available for charter anywhere on the globe. CSV will provide you with the availability of every catamaran in every fleet as well as give you the inside scoop on current discounts and disclose any pesky hidden charges.

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