Articles Logs and Blogs — 30 August 2010
Rammed by the Coast Guard

By James McFarlane

Two men crossing the Gulf Stream from Florida to the Bahamas are rammed by the Coast Guard, fracturing the hull of their TelStar trimaran. Through a series of mishaps including marginal weather, extreme seasickness, the ramming by the U.S. Coast Guard and a busted shroud, they are never able to deploy sail — the entire trip is completed on a single 20HP outboard motor.

April 11, 2010, Sunday “Dad, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

My son, James (27), was not in good shape. Five hours of continuous vomiting from seasickness had left him dehydrated and extremely weak. “We’re at the halfway point… it’s the same distance to the Bahamas as it is to Florida if we turn back now,” I replied. “OK,” James managed in a barely audible voice, “I’ll try to stick it out.”

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