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by Gregor Tarjan

Multihull Market 2010

Aeroyachts Ltd. sees “bright skies ahead” with rebounding market

14 April 2010: Multihull imports held their course in ’09, accounting for nearly half of all cruiser imports.

Despite the world wide recession, a recent market study published by the Bonnier Corporation showed that – amazingly, Multihulls held their course in ‘09 with comparable imports to 2008 levels and even more astonishingly – Multihulls accounted for nearly half of all cruiser imports to the US shores.

Good News: Importers see brighter skies next year, driven by unsold inventory back home, new models and partnerships; The recession kept cruiser length imports off-shore in 2009 and generally sales were down -33% across the board.

2009 was all about “holding and waiting” for the credit markets to open up, and the North American economy to start turning. Bright skies ahead. An optimistic view that we’ve seen the bottom and are ready to rise up to the surface. Punch through the other side of the storm as we say …

Aeroyacht Ltd. exclusively specialize in reputable power and sail multihulls. The company’s extensive exposure, whether in racing offshore catamarans or publishing technical articles for the trade provide them with an in-depth knowledge of the specialty field of offshore multihulls.

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