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Laura Hershfeld
Gemini Catamarans
Annapolis, MD

by Laura Hershfeld

World’s Most Popular Catamaran Builder is Expanding Distribution

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4 January 2010: For 30 years Performance Cruising, manufacturer of the Gemini Catamaran, has been dedicated to one thing; building the best family catamaran.

Over 1,000 have been sold and are currently sailing all over the world, making the 34-foot Gemini 105Mc the most successful cruising catamaran of it’s size ever built.

During 30 years of production there have been literally hundreds of upgrades, changes and refinements, all of which keep the Gemini at the forefront of cruising catamaran design.

No other 34-foot cruising sailboat, whether monohull or catamaran, has stood the test of time or enjoyed the success that Gemini has. What was a promising concept when started in 1980 has resulted in a most enthusiastic and happy family owner base today. You might even say that the boat has created a cult following, one that just keeps growing.

The most recent model, the 2010 Gemini 105Mc, is 14 foot wide and has a draft of just 18 inches because of her kick-up centerboards and rudders. This allows unparalleled performance and functionality. The ability to fit into almost any slip, be trucked anywhere over-land and maneuvered into even the most secluded and shallow anchorages, are all part of what has made the Gemini Catamaran a legend in the sailing industry.

Now, as the Gemini embarks on her 30th year in production, we are looking to expand distribution to all corners of the globe. We are in search of reputable dealers that are interested in offering to their customers a truly revolutionary product.

For more information please contact or go to for a full specification and detailed information on the Gemini Catamaran.

Performance Cruising Inc.
7364 Edgewood Road
Annapolis MD 21403

(410) 626-2720
Fax: (410) 626-2726

Performance Cruising is the largest catamaran boat builder in the United States with over 1000 catamarans sold thus far. The gemini catamaran design has benefitted from five major model changes over the production run and countless refinements so that today’s Gemini 105Mc catamarans for sale represent the pinnacle of practical cruising catamaran design.

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